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uan member portal login unified member portal passbook download etc

uan member portal was launched by epfo recently. uan member portal use to check epf balance, transfer PF, claim and withdrawal PF, uan number providing by EPFO. But it gives’s employees of a company.

uan member portal used to activate pf account, recover pf account passwords, unlock pf account, registered pf account, in this are four links available on the home page we will discuss one by one

Know your uan member portal status

Employers are providing a Universal account number (UAN). They do not tell uan number, then use uan member portal to know your uan status.
Open UAN member portal, Now click Know your uan link. Now show uan registration form.
First, Enter member ID or AAdhar or PAN

  • Next Enter name and DOB
  • Enter mobile and email id.
  • Finally, Enter captcha.
  • Click submit button. Now you will receive the pin number.

In case you will not receive PIN, again submit those details. Now enter the Pin and click on submit. Next set a password. Once the uan member portal is live use this password and uan number log into the page.


top services of uan member portal are uan passbook download to check epf balance.

Activate the uan no uan member portal

Now You know the uan number and password but at uan login time errors may occur. Due to uan activation, You didn’t process the uan number activation process. UAN activation process is very easy as follows below.

  • Open Homepage of uan member portal.
  • Now, click activation uan no link,
  • Next. uan member portal will Displays the uan activation form,
  • Now start to fill the details. First, enter uan or member ID (PF) or AADHAR or PAN.
  • Then Enter the NAME and DOB of the pf account holder.
  • After that, Enter registered mobile number and Email ID.
  • Finally, fill the captcha code.
  • Now click on Get Authorization PIN. While clicking on the button, you will receive the PIN number to Mobile.

The last step is filling PIN number and click on submit tp process further. In a few seconds to view successfully activated your UAN account

How to Recover forgotten UAN password

uan member portal used quick recovery you are the password

  • open uan member portal,
  • Next, forgot password link click on that,
  • on the new screen enter the UAN number and captcha,
  • Now click on submit button, In few minutes you will receive PIN. After receiving Pin submit.

Finally, set the password.  Then go to home log into the page. Next check all details.

Unlock uan account process

In case, uan member Entered the wrong password it will lock uan member account. Then were not able to check pf balance; we will tell tip’s for quick unlock the uan account.

  • Open uan member portal home page.
  • Click on unlock uan link.
  • In few second’s open new window will open. Now enter the uan number and displaying the same captcha.
  • Then after submitting. Now you will get the message to registration mobile number.

In this Pin number submits after a few minutes to have successful to unlock message receive. Now go to the home page and log into the page, check all details.

Advantages of UAN Account

PF is relating uan number. uan member portal obtained it recently.

Not investment money in pf withdrawals
Transfer pf between previous company to the new employer rather than closing by pf withdrawal. epfo login portal quite experts in pf claim settlements like transfer and withdrawal.

No need to claim provident fund

The UAN member portal is used to transfer the pf account. Just, you will submit KYC document in the new company they are sent pf from the old account to the new account. Before uan member portal compulsory clime provident fund. But nowadays you will use uan member portal easily sent pf.

SMS alerts available on UAN member portal

Every Employee achieves SMS alerts with registration number use. Employee’s monthly contribution amount information sent to your mobile number.  We can enable SMS alerts While registration process.

Achieve personal goals

PF contribution fund use to achieve some personal goals like plan children education, marriage plan, pension plan. And take a loan on PF account.

You will receive bellow Insurance Benefits.

In Any company not available group insurance company. Pf account opens you will achieve all benefits of the insurance company like Health insurance, life insurance.

Your pf account switches to one company to another. If you choose a pf transfer then sent to pf office, or you will choose pf withdrawal claim pf. if Employees withdraw pf amount less than five years. Then members have to pay tax. But you want to withdraw money after five years don’t pay the tax. Afer 5years lot of benefits add to your pf account like tax-free, interest rate increase, you will get a loan, but you will use this amount only for construction of building and purchasing of land.

  • You will be able to link up pf account with uan number.
  • You manage pf account. Just like the check epf balance, transfer pf, download passbook, printer passbook, change your mobile number and name/father’s name/DOB, activate you pf account. Upload your KYC documents and quickly verify pf account.
  • Your less control compares with UAN number.
  • You can easily transfer and withdraw the amount.

Attach Aadhaar card with uan account process

Aadhar link up is most reliable of identity proof. It contains the Address proof as well as biometric. The Aadhar provides more valuable to epfo account.  Aadhar is providing labor ministry of home.

UAN helpdesk

If you want to change the mobile number, then follow the uan helpdesk. It is used to change or corrections all details.

Epfo has launched the new portal for employees these are uan helpdesk. In this portal use to change all details and claims. If you want to transfer account, then you will use uan helpdesk quickly find. EPFO use for member and employers also.

UAN helpdesk uses to solve problems.

What is my UAN 

Fist of all open UAN help desk, then click member link. After select open about your problem. IF you are select WHAT IS MY UAN. Now open new screen fills up all details and submits your details. When your suit details, then you will revise PIN number. In this pin number provide in a few minutes to display all details about your uan account number all are saved and open uan portal and login page. After uan number, the member has more power to full control pf account.

2 Forgot password and mobile number is changed

If you select FORGOT PASSWORD AND MOBILE, NO IS CHANGED then the open new window. Now Enter all fields link uan number, name, mobile, number, etc. Then after submitting all details, you will receive the Pin number. This Pin number users to change password and mobile number.

Correction Profile details


Open the uan member portal and enter all details and click on submit. Get the OTP number and submit the same. After that edit, your pf account details to enter correct details click update. Now update your all details.

uan member portal activation SMS Not received FIX

Now you can select SMS NOT RECEIVED DURING UAN ACTIVATION. Now portal asks you to enter uan number, and mobile number then submit. If you do the process correctly, then Compulsorily receive the SMS after submitting pin number and follow above the same process.


You are select KYC pending with the employer. Then open screen now enters uan number and select pending document like pan, Aadhar, passports, etc. After click upload button in few seconds upload your documents and verify. Employers have to approve at epfo employer portal.

Online pf withdrawal on uan member portal

Employment provident fund organization recently launch pf withdrawal facility. Using this service you can get settlement amount or status report. Portal use to withdraw all settlement amount, pension amount, as well as claim settlement amount.

If you want to claim provident fund, you go to Online service. And select withdrawal application link and you should able to fill up all form and submit details. Now, this submits details copy get print and sent HR department. The employer will approve to sent all amount in your account in few days.

For UAn member portal login, just visit uan login homepage.

  1. uan employer portal,

  2. download epf mobile app.

  3. uan status,

  4. uan number activation,

  5. epf passbook




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