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UAN Portal Login | EPFO UAN Portal | Unified Employer Member portal login

How to login into UAN member portal for balance, pf transfer, claim status etc. All EPFO members must be familiar with new UAN Portal. If not, this is the best place to know your UAN Portal Login Registration process. Learn how to get benefit from all online facilities provided by UAN member portal. EPFO introduced universal account number to give a permanent identity to the PF account. Subsequently, a separate UAN member portal is created to provide various UAN based facilities. EPF Members can activate their UAN registration to avail online facilities of this portal.

UAN Login Online Registration Process

To get register and obtain UAN login credentials, get your universal account number from your employer. You will also need your member ID and mobile number to get registered. The main benefit of this mechanism is to access multiple PF accounts under one umbrella. It also reduced an employee’s dependency on the employer for withdrawals. Moreover, it also helps authorities to curb defaulters. Go through the complete procedure of activating UAN registration shared further.


UAN Member Login Activation

If you have your universal account number.Follow the below step by step procedure for UAN login.These link will be helpful for UAN LOGIN.

  1. The above URL will lead you to the UAN member portal.
  2. Locate the option of ‘Activate your UAN’. Follow it to get a new page.
  3. Click the check box showing ‘I have understood the instructions.’
  4. A UAN activation form will appear on the screen.
  5. Fill up the form with UAN Login number. Also, enter the mobile number and member ID.
  6. You will get a PIN on your mobile for verification purpose.
  7. Enter the authorization PIN and complete the process of registration.
  8.   Now you can visit the page again to sign in.
  9. You can log in every time using this password and your UAN number.

Password Creation for UAN Login Portal

  1. Password creating session will expire in 299 seconds .ie 4 minutes enough.
  2. Enter the father /husband name in the 1st field.
  3. Click to confirm establishment code on UAN Members Portal.
  4. Create a strong password with the combination of Capital, Small Letters, Numbers, and Symbol, minimum 8 characters.
  5. Enter the same password to avoid mismatching of uan login details.
  6. Finally, enter your email ID & Click onSubmitt for a Succesful uan portal login.


uan member portal download passbook

many of us log into epfo uan portal because we want to check pf balance by downloading uan passbook. Now epfo introduced new portal for downloading epf passbook with uan number. as the URL follows If you are here for downloading uan login passbook then follow above URL and enter uan & password.




EPF Universal Account Number Login Benefits

Once you have a login to the UAN account.You can do lots of thongs without using your PF account.Especially, if you have multiple PF account numbers, this facility is beneficial. Following are the major advantages of UAN login activation:

  1. Download EPF passbook online just by providing your UAN number.
  2. You may view and/or download your passbook as many times as you want.
  3. With UAN Login Portal, You can track the status of your pf claim for withdrawal.
  4. Checking PF balance using SMS and missed call service.
  5. Update and change your KYC information on the EPFO portal.

If you have not yet received UAN, you can track the status of the same. Our blog also helps in checking PF balance status and UAN activation.To solve any query related to your universal account number, call on below number. The toll-free number belongs to the UAN helpdesk:

  • 1800 118 005

pf balance check with uan number

UAN members can check Epf Balance with UAN login Number at UAn Members portal. But Members have to Login to UAN Portal. every time login to uan Portal for balance checking is Not a Good idea.

There also, other alternative ways to check epf balance online. some ways are by EPF balance SMS, Missed call, Android App also At epfo login portal.

How to check EPF UAN Status Online?

  1. You can check EPF UAN (Universal Account number) status at epf portal, with following details.
  2.       Only one thing required that is PF number First select the state and then PF office,        
  3. Then enter the PF number and click on submit to check UAN status.                                
  4. Also, you can check the UAN Generation request status by Request ID for this,  you could check the status of UAn activation at UAN login Portal only.
  5. you have to enter the request id generated while you requesting UAN number at EPF Portal.                                                                                

Note: Only PF number required to check UAN status(with uan 2.0 any id required directly for uan activation.

EPFO UAN Number Verification

Details Required To Verify The UAN Number:                                                                                                                                                                         uan login is necessary for Unique Account Number verification The employee should have the following details to search their Universal Account Number.

  1. Employee Name: Name of the employee on given PF Account,
  2. Date of Birth: Employee Date of Birth as given in the EPFO.
  3. Mobile Number: Current working mobile number to get the Authorization Pin.
  4. PF Number: PF Number printed on the salary slip.

uan member portal download passbook

You can download uan passbook in a PDF Format anytime you want. there is no restriction to check /download only monthly once.

first of all login to UAN Member portal by UAN Number and password. I n the UAN Portal download section. There are two Options available.

  1. Download UAN Member Passbook
  2. Download UAN Card

Then you can view UAN passbook along with PF balance With UAN number. download the PF Account Statement at UAN Portal.

uan number login for PF Transfer & withdrawal

How to Transfer PF Funds With UAN Portal

 Gone are the days when an individual spent most of his working years with a single employer and retired from the same company. With most of the jobs being created in the private sector, job changes have become the normal than an exception. And with job changes, change of workplace from one city to another is also fairly common. For pf transfer or withdrawal uan login number compulsory.

While changing jobs mean enough paperwork to get relieved, collect dues and join elsewhere, employees should not also forget an important component of their benefits package. This is the mandatory contribution into the Employees Provident Fund. This can be transferred from the old employer’s account to the new one.

How Transfer PF  by UAN Login?

The EPFO had always allowed fund transfers. But it remains time-consuming and cumbersome since an employee had to get a Form 13 signed by his ex-employer and submit to the present employer. Also, the form had to be sent by post and could get lost or misplaced. There was a lot of discontent among employees and therefore it explained the dormant accounts lying with EPFO. you can file a transfer claim online with UAN Login.

EPFO UAN login Portal History:

However, things have started changing radically after EPFO launched an online, self-service portal on 2 October 2013 for online transfer of funds. Already, over 1.15 lakh employees have applied on the portal to transfer their PF funds. Among them 90,000 claims out of this have been settled, about 8,900 have been rejected. Hence, the success of online PF transfer is very high. For ease in transferring funds online, EPFO in July 2013, introduced a revised Form 13. This can be submitted to either the present or to your previous employer. EPFO UAN login Portal launched on 2015 onwards.

Earlier, the employee had to submit it only to the previous employer. But, if the present employer falls under the exempted category (that maintains a trust), then the form can be submitted only to present employer. They have also launched a Universal Account Number that links a particular member to a particular account and facilitates its portability when the member changes employers.

Online PF Transfer Using UAN Number

Transfer pf with old  Employer to present or directly to your account. for this, Login to epfo or UAN Login Portal.  Furnish the Old Pf account details & employer details Like establishment code employer number etc. then click on check pf transfer eligibility if you are eligible then you can initiate a Pf claim.

You can check more details at OTCP epfo portal. online Transfer claim portal login. 

if you have updated Aadhaar Number, PAN, Bank details on UAN Members portal. if the employer approved your Aadhaar Number and Pan etc. Then your pf transfer processed quickly within 2-3 weeks.

New UAN Login Portal here as unified Members portal.

UAN Portal Login for Employers

UAN Members Portal Login for employees (uan member login )

pf transfer from one company to another (3 steps)

if Aadhaar & Uan updated with pf account. then visit member claims portal or OTCP. Check transfer eligibility and enter previous and present PF accounts print the application. submit pf claim forms either previous or present, employer.

the employer can approve by logging to the uan employer portal.

What is UAN (Universal Account Number)?

UAN Means a 14 Digits Number for epfo members. every epf members now had UAN Login Number. EPF UAN Helps easily transfer claim, Avoid misuse of PF Accounts. first, pf Members can check their UAN Number and then Activate it online uan Portal. login to UAN Members Portal.

uan member portal registration

The Same Process as Said early, check for UAN Number Status. Activate it. Set login password for UAN Portal. After a successful login, you can able check Pf balance by UAN Number. You can view other UAN Activated members on the portal. also download uan passbook online. New companies can register at epf employer login.

UAN Login Password Reset / forgotten Password.

You can reset UAN Password with Mobile Number. by getting an OTP However, some problems are there.

If you lost Mobile number & password. then you cannot rest uan password by Email Id. Then you have to contact the Present employer HR write a request to change mobile Number. But it takes 15 days to update your mobile number with UAN Member portal.

uan employers portal login payment

Now employers can log in to NEW UAN 2.0 or ECR 2.0 portal. There is a video by epfo itself regarding how to make monthly payment contribution epfo.

Employers also authorized to create multiple UAN login Numbers for their employers. Employers also authorized download UAN Number list of the employees.

Employer login portal located on >> employers >> Online ECR Challan Payment >> then visit

also, employers can visit unified UAn Portal for both employees & employers at the unified portal.

You can also make payment to epfo by ECR challan.

UAN Portal Login Helpdesk  contact

UAN epfo toll-free number: 1800 118 005.

Universal Account Number Members Portal Helpdesk email id: [email protected],

EPF UAN Helpdesk login

New! UAN Members Portal Login Website Online Now:

Note This article all is about UAN Login Portal.

Update UAN password and Mobile (forgotten case)

some epfo subscribers forgotten overall 70% their uan password. but they can reset it by mobile number. But some pf members have forgotten uan password and changed mobile number. in this cause uan helpdesk or epfo customer care is not a good solution. we can reset uan password and mobile at a time using forgot the password option.

  1. Enter UAn Number,
  2. Verify phone number or update new.
  3. Choose the option by click on No.
  4. enter your New Mobile Number update it by OTP Authorization.
  5. Then reset uan password

Then Access the UAN Login portal with the New password and mobile number.

Epfo uan unified member login


How to link member id with UAN?

epfo members can link member id with UAN by sending an SMS to epfo. the uan and member id linking format will be 14 Digits member ID and 12 digits UAN and send it to uan toll-free number.

Why UAN?

UAN System developed epfo itself, UAN Stands for Unique Account Number or universal account Number. The main reasons Introduction UAN to reduce settlement time and increase the transference in epfo accounts. but there are other benefits for employees with UAN.

UAN Registration:

As we earlier said members, have to know the UAN by checking uan status and activate UAN with the help of uan activation too. then candidates can access the UAN.

Know your uan status

In order to access the uan login portal, UAN number is required along with the temporary password.

UAN activation

Now UAN members can activate the uan login with member id or UAN number so either way members do the Successful UAN registration. Details like PF Number or UAN number and Member details should be furnished at uan login activation.

UAN passbook

Now it’s the new and compatible way to know the pf balance, before the uan passbook there is a statement present with limited information called as epf passbook. but uan login is necessary for downloading the UAN passbook.

Pension UAN Card download

Downloading UAN Card as simple as downloading the uan passbook.  UAN card consists of Member name, UAN Number, and other identification details but Not included your Photo on the UAN Card.

Change Mobile Number and email In UAN Portal?

This process comes with KYC Update. we can update Email Id and The Mobile Number once the successful uan login. Uan portal>> KYC>> Update >> Mobile Number & Email Id.

Follow above flow chart to change the Mobile and email in UAN portal.

Two UAN numbers how to fix?

This could be happened due to your previous employer not mentioned exit date of your job. and the pf transfer is done automatically to current employer. as epfo members, we have to report to epfo and the employer. contact the uan helpdesk portal.

You can login to epfo uan member portal here.

  1. S.pradeep kumar sahoo says

    Please check my epf account

    1. S.pradeep kumar sahoo says

      please find the below PF NO -100656258141

  2. Devender kumar says

    Dear sir
    I can’t login to my UAN account. Please help me. My name is devender kumar

  3. sheik jaber says

    Ok, sir thank you so much for the information.

  4. sheik jaber says

    They told me we will do manually claim.
    Is it acceptable?

    1. Epfo login portal says

      yes, but lengthy process rather than online. (the only option left for them)

  5. sheik jaber says

    Dear EPFO

    Already I have updated my KYC by portal but its showing pending, & my employer while trying to approve from their side it showing some error.

    error message

    1. Epfo login portal says

      request your employer either try again or report it epfo employer helpdesk.

  6. sheik jaber says

    Dear EPFO

    Please send the link for employers where they can update my DATE OF JOINING & DATE OF LEAVING, they are not aware of new site.

    thank you

    1. Epfo login portal says

      why don’t you share with your employer? if your employer unaware of it.

  7. sheik jaber says

    Dear EPFO

    If I want to claim my PF by my employer through, without any online & without any changes in KYC. can I?

    1. Epfo login portal says

      you can claim epfo my downloading FORM 31 get approval from the employer and send it your regional pf office.

  8. sheik jaber says

    Dear EPFO

    my concern is in UAN registration my bank IFSC code has old updated, the bank has changed to new IFSC, but the account number have same. because of this, my submission is rejected, so now how can I update my new IFSC? or is there any option by manual approval from the employer.

    1. Epfo login portal says

      you can update KYC through uan portal withing 48-72 hours. it will be approved.

  9. sheik jaber says

    Dear EPFO

    i have submitted my KYC by online with the help of this site, who will approve my KYC? Please revert me.

    1. Epfo login portal says

      Your employer and epfo field /nodal officers are involved in approving your KYC through OTCP Portal.

      if your employer has digital signatures he can sign the document digitally, if not he can download documents sign on it and upload back to the epfo OTCP portal. after that, epf nodal officer will approve your KYC.
      this process takes some time depending on your employer.

  10. BITTU THAKUR says

    Sir, we need information that a person can have two UAN numbers.

    1. Epfo login portal says

      if you have two uan numbers then use one uan. report another one either epfo or employer.

  11. PUHPALATHA says


    1. Epfo login portal says
  12. Alok Rai says

    My previous employer has closed his company and he had not given me my UAN but I do have the PF no with me. Now the remaining offices of the employer are closed and there is no way to contact them now.
    How should I claim my PF amount?

    1. Epfo login portal says

      first of all register with uan portal by generating the uan number with pf number. check more on uan status and uan activation articles on this portal.

  13. Manoj Kumar says

    how withdraw online PF.

    1. Epfo login portal says

      just follow these article about PF withdrawal & transfer.

  14. Dhanasekaran says

    Why not working UAN login site

  15. karthik says website not opening what to do

    1. Epfo login portal says

      that’s changed the address now the new uan portal is unified epfo member portal

      below of this article, you can find the new working portal link.

  16. kamal Kumar says

    Epfo member portal site not working properly. What do I do for check pf balance and download passbook?

    1. Epfo login portal says

      just wait for some time or try at night time I mean low peak time download the passbook at morning 7 am.

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