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What is UAN?

Let’s first understand every employee what is UAN and uan helpdesk?

The UAN stands universal account number. It has 12-digit unique number allotted by EPFO. Each Employee has the unique number, not the random number. It will act as an umbrella. uan need to login uan portal uan number and password mandatory. Otherwise, you can’t login uan the portal. uan number provided by the employer. In a case of employers don’t tell an employer then you will find uan number on uan portal. uan portal use to update mobile number, download passbook, clime pf, transfer funds, corrects the data, withdrawals pf, check pf balance, etc…

UAN helpdesk work and overview

It helps to transfer of EPF to another EPF account. If you forget the password, it contributes to recover it and enables free updates. uan activation process give. uan helpdesk to download passbook. It helps update your KYC documents.

Hence, it helps to check pf balance, and Claim Status and more.

UAN number has 12-digits. Employment Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) allotted unique number. Once you got the uan number, then log in and control pf account. uan number use to activate uan account and log into uan portal. Once you logged into the page, It means you can check pf balance, Claim status, and passbook download. You want to print also.

UAN helpdesk uses to solve above problems step by step

  • First of all open UAN helpdesk portal.
  • Now click member, register as the member
  • Then open a new screen of the member.
  • Fill up the following information ( fields marked with * are mandatory)
  • Select problem type: we discuss all problems one by one

What is my uan?

The UAN helpdesk portal uses to know your uan number in this selective item

  • First, enter member name as it is pan card
  • Next, select Date of Birth
  • Enter to activate mobile number and Email ID
  • Now, Enter the password and re-enter the password
  • Finally, Enter captcha same as image text
  • Click GET pin. You will receive the pin number and submit the same.
  • Now open the screen you’re uan the information available
  • And the same will send email id also.

call 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on all seven days for any query relating to UAN / KYC Services.

Recover password and mobile number changed

UAN helpdesk used to retrieve forgotten password and mobile number at a time

  • Open uan the helpdesk, now select type problem.
  • Now open the new screen.
  • Let’s Enter mobile number. If you forget the password, enter the old mobile number or current mobile number.
  • Enter uan number (12-digit’s)
  • NOW, enter member id and select region, PF Office, Establishment ID,
  • Then enter the name and Father mane, DOB
  • Let’s now enter problem matter
  • Next, select language and click Generate OTP
  • OTP submitted and reset your password or mobile number
  • UAN helpdesk used to change your data.


uan login

epfo login

uan passbook

uan activation

epf balance enquiry


uan portal

Your registration process time type some mistakes to change the use uan helpdesk

Open uan helpdesk select in this problem.

Now open the new screen. Enter registered mobile number and uan number, click send button. You will get a pin number in authorized mobile number, next submit Pin number, After editing change name or father’s name or DOB

KYC Updated use UAN helpdesk

Once an employer could upload the KYC, it will process further. UAN pf account not verify. uan helpdesk used to upload KYC Pending documents.

Visit UAN helpdesk, and select Employer KYC are pending. Now open screen UPDATE KYC INFORMATION. In below to enter a current member id and select KYC document, click the upload button. After uploading files will verify soon.

Employees Generating questions on uan portal login?

1. how change mobile number in uan account?

  • Open uan helpdesk. Hence, the select problem on options forgot the password and mobile number. Then open screen fills up information. After submitting details. Finally, you got the pin number.   Submit the pin number and change the password or mobile number.

2. How to recover forgotten password?

  • Open uan helpdesk select same as the option of forgot the password and changed mobile number. Then open screen after submitting details. You got a pin number. Now provide the pin and enter the password and enter the confirm password. Next, you will login same password.

3. How to activate my UAN account?

  • Open uan portal next, click uan uan activation link. Open screen, Enter all details and submit. Now you got Pin number. This PIN number used the set password. After re-open uan portal log into pf account.

4. How to register is in uan account?

  • Open uan portal. Click know your uan link. Then pop-up display. Then enter all details and captcha. Submit and got the enter the same to verify the mobile number.

Pf transfer, pf withdrawal, and check epfo claim status.




Change Mobile Number In Uan Portal Forgotten Password


UAN (Universal Account Number) is exclusively identification that allotted for individual get provident fund after their retirement. It is initiated as unique UAN for all members. The account number is allocated for each employee and help to get new jobs. It is twelve digit number, by this number employee can check status, withdraw an amount from the account after a retirement of a job.  Employee provident fund organization is established for employees in both private and government sector.

UAN is one of the ways to get banking service to the user who has the bank account in one branch. It also carries all financial transactions of the particular person. Employees in the firm are contributing to offer employer provident fund via UAN on the required online portal. Now, employees also change mobile number in uan portal forgotten password on online. This service offers for the person who forgot the password of the UAN number.


How to change uan mobile number:

For changing the mobile number of employee provident fund account, different ways are avail. In this content, you see two ways to change your mobile number without any risks. One should have a registered UAN account, before reset password or mobile number on the pf account. You can access this account hassle free in the online portal. Instructions in the article are easily understandable to modify your mobile number. Here some steps are given to change the phone number.

Change password and mobile number via helpdesk:

Now the helpdesk is opened newly to solve all issues of employee, and it establishes to encourage members to claim money from the inactive account.  Using helpdesk, you can modify the password, mobile number without hassle. Employee provident fund is to offers for retirement scheme to the employees by the private sector. If you lost your mobile number, don’t feel about UAN account, when signing up the account you can retrieve your password. This protects the economic security to the employer after the retirement. It makes to transfer and withdraw the amount in faster and safe. Following steps help you to change the password via the verification of the mobile number.

  • The employee goes to UAN website and clicks on the helpdesk.
  • It displays two boxes one is the member and another employer. Click on the member to continue the process.
  • You receive query list, there is seven type of query given, and you choose the forgot the password, and mobile number changed.
  • Now, you have to check your UAN number. You should enter some necessary details such as name, father name, date of birth and more. If you have the valid phone number, enter that number also.
  • To retrieve your password with the help of mobile number then click on forgot the password, and mobile number is changed.
  • To change the name or update any details on the account, choose incorrect details option. In this option, you can change your mobile number and reset the password with simple steps.
  • After modifying details, you receive OTP for verification purpose.

You need to enter OTP to complete the process.

Few steps to change password and mobile number:

UAN account provides more benefits to users, and there are lots of options to increase provident fund yearly. The provident fund is offered on the global organization which was taken from the salary of the person. It helps to live life with enough money after the retirement of the employee. However, pf account is accessed without any issues; the employee cannot use it without UAN. Below given steps are helpful, and one does not have any confusion while changing mobile number in uan portal forgotten the password by these steps.

  • Candidate first opens the authorized online portal of UAN.
  • After opening the portal, there are different tabs available. You find to change the password.
  • Click on forgot the password.
  • Now, enter you twelve digit universal account number.
  • Enter captcha code which given on the page.
  • Click on verify for verification.
  • Then mobile number will appear on your UAN account number. Click on yes to change your mobile number.
  • You have to fill all required information such as document number, KYC type, gender, and date of date of birth.
  • Choose verify, after entering all details on the portal.
  • If the information is verified, then you enter your new mobile number and get authorization pin number.

These steps help you to reset and change mobile number faster. If you find any error in online portal while changing the password, then report to the employer. If you have any query for reset password, contact particular number of EPFO and ask all your doubts.

The purpose of Universal account number:

The universal account number is ideal for each member which associated with employee throughout their future. This account number is portable to access across all companies anywhere in India. If a person changes their job to the new organization then get new pf account via this number from the new employer, it is linked to unique UAN number. The employee has different pf accounts which allotted by various organizations.

While using this number one can get any loan or make transactions quickly. Mostly, employers are misusing the UAN, so they have to fill the form for withdrawing money in their account. If the employee abuses this account then they not get money after leaving the company. It also tracks more job opportunities to the employee. One joining as new employer firm, if they already have UAN number then connect it with pf account via


Advantages of UAN:

The employee can withdraw and transfer pf amount at the limited time. One needs not to depend on the employer for claiming Provident Fund to withdraw the amount. Through online employee submit the withdraw application form quickly. They should view entire information of provident fund in one place. Every month employee provident fund organization sends SMS to the mobile number that describes account status. For changing mobile number on the portal for the password, there are several links available. This helps the employee to change mobile number with simple steps.


ways to contact epfo

by phone 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM

Email Support: for companies [email protected]

Employees:  [email protected]

uan helpdesk portal  (not working)



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