PF withdrawal Process forms & eligibility TDS Status

The online PF withdrawal facility aid the employees more than expected. This kind of the small initiative can develop the retirement saving regards. With the help of the forms, you can easily as well as freely to download and fill the forms. These accounts do not earn any interest on rates. This process helps to reduce this hassle as well as many others issues. Hence, it is still onward you cannot delay the process. You can start your online withdrawal of forms from your EPF.

How to download and fill PF withdrawal forms from the online

This will result in a great as well as best saving. Most of the people do not transfer the several amounts after changing the job. Whether you are simply changing the job you do not withdraw forms. However, to avoid the hassle employer along with employees, both they give an incorrect undertaking of unemployment. Surely, this will end by the online EPF transfer as well as withdrawal.  So, you want to fill as well as download the provident fund forms easily as well as freely, and then you can try to follow those things of steps. You will a get the forms easily as well as effectively.

Some details for filling the PF withdrawal forms:

This is basically a simple as well as easy formats as well as you have to provide details as given below. Here some of the details to be provided for filling the provident fund withdrawal forms through the online process easily.

  • First of all, your mobile phone number that is connected with a universal account number.
  • Your do name as it looks in the universal account number.
  • Reasons for accessing advance or withdrawal forms
  • Note the advance or withdrawal process.
  • In most cases, advance or withdrawal is the main thing of the site or home in a home loan. Then the name of the bank to whom you need to charge this withdrawal forms
  • You can also provide your full postal address as well as sign in the space provided for.
  • Submit this duly filled form to regional provident fund office. You can give a canceled cheque only the reason.
  • You can use this EPF withdrawal forms only when you have universal as well as above several conditions.

These things to be considered in this filling withdrawal forms from the universal account number from the online process.

pf withdrawal without employer

epf withdrawal status online

how to withdraw pf without leaving the job?

You can withdraw money after 6 months of the service after 5 years of service there is no TDS on PF withdrawal amount.

you can transfer amount to your new pf account easily.

PF withdrawal Rules & condition & taxes

  1. Rule 1: PF Full withdrawal only possible at the retirement, after full withdrawal employees, is not a member of epfo (Employee provident fund organization India).
  2. pf withdrawal Rule 2: Retirement age of epfo withdrawal 55 years.
  3. Rule 3: 90% of the withdrawal only happens before 1 year of the retirement age.

EPF Amount Withdrawal Limit Is 50,000 applicable from June 2016.

EPF forms explanation:  Form No 19 UAN: you can withdraw if you don’t have since 60 days.

Form no 10 c UAN: This can be used to withdraw money from your EPF Pension account Not EPF money account. if your account is not older than 10 years.

Form No 31 UAN for Partial usage for Mariage, Home buying, and medical emergency.

Above forms can be used by UAN activated member with Aadhhar linked accounts, your KYC details like Bank, ID Address must be verified by Employer by online.

TDS On PF Withdrawal

PF withdrawal after 5 years of service, not Tax applicable. But within 5 years TDS applicable on withdrawal amount. IF Pan Not submitted then there is 34.6% TDS is charged. if pan Submitted then 10% TDS applicable. If 15G or 15H forms submitted then no TDS Applicable along with Pan umber.15G Used for below 60 years, 15H used for after 60 years or senior Citizens. These forms can be generated at Income tax India website to not deduct TDS.15G & 15H can only submit when the Total Annual income is not more than 2.50,00 after section 80C deductions.want to withdraw fully money, then fill the both forms 19A and 10C.

check this image about TDS on epf withdrawal.

pf withdrawal process without employer signature

In old pf withdrawal process, employer sign required but now no employer sign required with UAN portal. but you have to update KYC details on UAN Portal these details can be verified by Employer.

Download the Form 19,10C 31 Based on your requirement. Fill the form and attach canceled cheque which Account number updated on UAN Portal. Specify the same Phone Number which is linked to UAN Portal.

Find your Regional PF office by Selecting your State and district of work location. Copy the exact Address and send the forms to your PF office.

So there is No Online PF Withdrawal Process!. But it will Start coming Soon.(due to employers not verifying KYC details with digital signatures)  UAN Based transfers can be fraud. Aadhaar is not mandatory as per the Supreme court.

EPFO download Section for FORMS


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