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What are PF Account & pf transfer?

It means the public provident fund. The PF account used only by employees. Employee Provident Fund organization, especially relevant to establish for employers. It was working only Employees related. So the PF account, providing only EPFO. This is an employee related organization. pf transfer portal in recently introduced by EPFO

How to work PF Account?

It’s providing only employees by EPFO. Since it has been working in 1952 year, seem like an umbrella. Every employee has only one pf account this is the universal account (UAN). Employees every month contributed some amount in our salary, as well as offering working companies. Pf account used to get it loans like construction for home and purchasing lands and also use after retirement schemes available.

Who’s transfer pf account?

Employee’s transferring one place to another palace as well as one company to another company. This type of employee’s transfer her pf account. pf transfer process is quick and easy in online.

pf claim status and pf withdrawal

How to transfer pf account in old pf funds?

Employment Provident Fund (EPFO) has recently introduced pf transfer portal. This portal used to easily transfer her pf account and pf funds. Every employee transfers our pf account in easily and quickly. In this corner, the figure is pf transfer image and follow the bellow steps.

  • Open this web sit:
  • Display same as left side fig. we see the left corner on window MEMBER LOGIN.
  • Here you are selecting one document. for example, PAN number, Aadhar (UID), National Population registered, Bank account number, Voter ID card, Driving license, Passport number, Ration card number.
  • In the below field will be entered same as above selected document number.
  • Hence, enter registered mobile number.
  • Finally, click sign in button.

After sign in this page your request form open, then after fill up and submit all details. now you have submitted this details of hard copy from your HR in the company.


how to check Eligibility form for applying pf transaction of pf claim?

First of all, Employee’s has been check eligibility process, after registered pf transfer claim portal, then after login this portal to request transfer pf account and submitted hard copy in your HR department.

this below steps follows too easily check your eligibility criteria.

  • Visit Online transfer claim portal (OTCP)
    Click check eligibility for the claim
    After open window is Check Eligibility For Applying For An Online Transfer Claim
    See in below Details of Previous Account (Which is too transferred)
    . Same as fig. Enter filed has PF ACCOUNT NO MAINTAINED WITH EPFO OFFICE in this bold sentence means select your pf account state and city of office, then after entering EST CODE and EXT and also enter pf account.
    While we seem Details of the present account. In this following field is Pf account NO and Maintained by EPFO office.
    Same as fill up above step.
    Click check eligibility
    Finally, you got eligibility information on display.

how to registered pf transfer form?

pf transfer

Every, Employee mandatory register her pf transfer claim status.

Now, you follow my instruction to quickly registered in your pf transaction claim status form.

  1. open website:
  2.  display member portal page. in below  (* mark) is compulsory fields.
  3. Enter mobile number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. select any document for Example PAN card, Ration card, Voter ID, Etc..
  6. enter the number as on document
  7. Name as on document
  8. Enter Email
  9. Type the characters show in the text box
  10. Click on GET PIN button to get authorization Pin number on your mobile number
  11. same as SMS pin number submit and agree.

finally, you got successful register on display.

regular uan login and epfo login not required for pf transfer.

Forgot to your submitted document and number recovery method

Sometimes employees, which one document and number entered in registration time forgotten. This below steps follows to recover your document details.

  1. Open pf transfer claim status website.
  2. The member portal login page bellow text, click Forgot Login?
  3. Open a new window on member portal. Enter registered mobile number and submit,
  4. Now you got the message on a registered mobile number and get the details of your pf transfer registered time given document details
  5. Above same, as follows and login to send a request of pf transfer.


Note: for automatic pf transfer from previous company to current company. Just inform the uan number & previous member id to a new employer.

Epf transfer claim status checking process

An employment provident fund organization providing withdrawals and pf transfer, passbook downloads, epf balance checking, and more.

Employees requested to claim for epf account or pf transfer. In this requires status checking process in below.

  1. Visit EPFO portal
  2. And click on Know your status
  3. Now enter the regional pf state and city
  4. And also enter EST CODE (establishment code)
  5. Then enter the PF account number and enter 3-digit code of pf account number
  6. Submit and then displayed your claim ID code.
  7. pf claim ID once you have checked in so many times in used to claim ID
  8. Therefore, check your claim status various types like the mobile app, Online UAN portal, EPFO portal and etc..
  9. Compare the online process and offline process befits

Since the 1952 year to before launching the online process to employees has so many risks. Fill the manual paper and go to pf office and submitted, waiting for so many days. Nowadays employees sitting on the system open the EPFO portal and fill up the form and submitted and take a hard copy then will send HR Group, in a few days to claim or transfer our pf.

Once a day, use the manual form for pf claim only. This is physical from and fill manually, after submitting it to present employer HR or our boss. This employer forward to regional PF office, then after verification process completed to forward the application form in the company of the previous employer. this application verified by HR, next we will send money in regional pf office to account number. These all are the transfer from one place to another place lot of time wasting process. This time and risk to reduce to the lunch EPFO portal by EPFO

But nowadays, Employment provident fund organization make to introduce online claim and pf transfer portal has been released. This portal use of quick to clime and pf transfer.

Online pf transfer benefits

PF claim form does not travel from one place to the other. Only fill the online form.
pf form verification process completed in an online only, but not travel the pf state office
The manual process of money given time, so login because travel between two offices
The online claim process is so quick and track your pf transfer claim status with use pf claim code
Employees follow some rules is given bellow

Every employee must and should work minimum 6 months after his/ her eligible for withdrawal. Necessarily work for one company eligible for loans and pension schemes.

In case any emergency withdrawal in pf account follows the below steps

  1. Login in claim portal page
  2. Once you login to this site, click claim online
  3. In this portal also available Complaint regarding provident fund, these form uses to reduce your issue
  4. Then at solving the EPFO employers.
  5. But Every employee working the in the current company after you will withdraw the money. Then in the case, before you will apply for pf
  6. withdrawal refused or rejected the employer of EPFO.

However, an employer any urgent situation not given money 100%. Maybe your age is 57 and above-given money 100% otherwise claim only 90%. Employees withdrawal money in working before 5 years will be charged in tax. Because of your working 5 year period after withdrawal tax-free.

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  4. pf login
  5. uan portal
  6. epf passbook

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