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This Article Epfo login provides various information about UAN Registration & Login, employee & employer registration process. An employee provident fund is a specially designed to offer social security for employees of a particular organization and it helps to build stronger employee bonds. If you like to enjoy these all facilities, you want to register at the EPFO right now.

Simple Process To Register at Epfo login portal

An employee can choose the epf registration either offline or online. The Offline registration process will take a lot of time and put effort into the registration process. The Internet gives a special facility for an employee can register EPFO login portal at online without any hassle. When you prefer to register through online this is the best choice for you. Employee wants to download the registration form from official website of the EPFO. Apart from that, a number of documents and procedures need to follow. Some documents are required at the time of registration process, so employee wants to keep it.

for employees with UAN Member please check out the EPF UAN login.

EPFO Login: How to Login EPFO member portal online

The Employees Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) working under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. Various PF  services offered by the Employees Provident Organization (EPFO login portal). Started by EPF 1952 Acts by the Government of India. EPFO provides 3 types of schemes,

  1. Employees provident fund scheme, (EPF)
  2. Employee pension scheme (EPS)
  3. Employee Deposit Linked insurance schemes. (EDLIS).

Note: There are 5+ epfo login Portals including uan member portal and oeoea one employee one pf account portal.

EPFO Login Portal History

Learn about how to login  EPFO Login member portal, for the purpose of availing various facilities provided to the employees by EPFO. An Employee Provident Fund scheme is a most important scheme for employees. who are working in various private and government industrial sectors and organizations, EPFO Scheme, It started under the Ministry of labor and employment, Government of India. the main aim of EPF scheme to give support and strengthen to the employee in industries and private establishments. The EPF scheme bill was passed in parliament in the year of 1952.

check some important services by epfo unified portal uan status and uan activation.

EPfo Login Portal Improvements

Actually, the private establishments having above 20 employees register them with employee provident fund organization.  So that their employees may get various benefits by the government. Now all the employees can check their EPF balance in online at home. The government introduced the new amendments in EPFO schemes.  An employee will get the pension after 60 years. if he worked at least 10 years and above in an organized private sector. Insurance cover is also being provided to the worker under Employees deposit linked insurance scheme 1976.

How To Login to EPFO Member portal

The following steps are given to log into the EPFO login Member portal.

  • Fill all details in the required spaces for registration.
  • Then you have to enter correct document type. After you are registered, you can login to the EPFO member portal.member has to open the member of employee provident fund.
  • If you have to register into the epfo login portal by using PAN card, you have to select PAN card number in the tab Select any one document and enter PAN card number.
  • Once Check the details before submitting them to get the PIN number to mobile.
  • Then Click on Submit button. After submitting your details you will get an authorized PIN.
  • If you enter the authorized PIN, you will be registered successfully with epfo portal.

By following above steps, you can login to the Member portal by entering specific details like mobile number, document type, document number and you can successfully download EPF passbook from epfo portal. maybe epfo login portal not available due to uan login portal.

What do employees on epfo member portal?

Actually, every epfo member visits the epfo portal regular activities with epfo member portal. but most of the 90% visits in a month related epf balance and pf passbook.Pf transfer portal is different as OTCP Portal. On the OTCP (Online claim transfer Portal) also employees have to register before login and file a claim. Note that epfo login details don’t work on OTCP Portal.an employee can view the maximum of 10 pf account details by the different employer. two pf accounts from the same employer not work. then employees have to transfer the pf account to another pf account.

EPfo Inoperative account login: this can be made an official request to epfo there is also inoperative account portal available on the epf portal.

UAN epfo Login: How To Login UAN Member Portal Online?

The government of India announced Universal Account Number(UAN). it facilitates provident fund(PF) number portability. UAN stands for Universal Account Number, which is a unique number is given to every employee who contributes in EPF scheme.The UAN number does not change with the change of jobs in various industries. Because of this universal number, by using this you easy to transfer your EPF balance. Today every employee who deposits into the EPF has the UAN. There are available many benefits of the UAN, So you must activate it. An activation is done through the UAN member portal.

Universal Member portal and epfo login portal

The UAN member portal is a very website for the EPFO. Many EPF related services available on this website. The following services use through this website can members.epfoservices.in.

  • Download UAN card,
  • Download Passbook,
  • Verify your personal details,
  • Check the EPF contribution,
  • Update your details like Aadhar card, Bank account, and PAN.

UAN Member Portal Login

  • Firstly, you enter the following URL to login UAN member portal http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in
  • Click on activate UAN.And follow it to get the new page.
  • And, next click box showing I have understood the instructions.
  • A UAN activation form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill up the form with UAN number.And also enter the mobile number and member ID.
  • You will get a PIN on your mobile for verification purpose.
  • Enter the authorization PIN and complete the process of registration.

After the login, you will get UAN dashboard. You will get various options in UAN dashboard. That consist download passbook, transferring claims, edit mobile numbers.

Employer /company Registration with EPFO

Required documents to register with EPFO login portal For employers:

In order to register at employee provident fund organization, the list of the documents required.

  • Copy of partnership deed,
  • Copy of the rules and objectives of the society,
  • Partition deed,
  • Legal documents under the Income Tax Act,
  • PAN details of the company,
  • Balance sheet details,
  • Salary details,

All above details submitted through epfo portal only.These are the highly recommended documents when you register at EPFO. Apart from that, some other details are needed to keep such as the name of the candidate, address and its proof, contact details and much more.EPFO Employer login Portal is here http://esewa.epfoservices.in/ .more information http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/For_Employers.php?id=sm1_index.

epfo employer portal login.

EPFO Login for Employers

Employers have to visit esewa epfo services portal and then login with Username and password. These credentials available when your are register with Epf esewa website.Employer login portal now merged with employees this uan portal also called as the unified epfo portal.maybe employers getting struggle to make the monthly contribution to epfo on new unified member portal.

Employee procedure to register at EPFO Login portal:

The following process will be helping people those who like to register up fo. Apart from that, the following procedures are simple to understand by every employee.

  • Employee those who like to register at epfo they have to open the official website of the epfo,  then click the register option.
  • The new page will open on the screen employee want to fill the form with using all required details.
  • At the same time, the employees need to attach the required documents through scanning the copy of the documents and then attached it. you may opt for epfo unified portal login.
  • After completion of the application, process employee wants to submit the form and they want to revise the form before submitting it.
  • Finally, click the submit button and then get your unique account number of the password.

These are the simple process want to follow those who like to register epfo.  Make your registration process are easier when you access the internet. Therefore, this is the right choice for people to register at epfo.

EPFO Login for Employees

Employees can login at UAN Portal and EPF Members portal. for more details about epf UAN Status & activation and login visit uan section mentioned above on this website. Employers have to login every month for paying the contribution of for their employees in the form of epf payment.employees login for PF payment & balance check this out  http://members.epfoservices.in/. uan member portal login.

EPFO Login UAN Registration Process

  • just visit the uan members portal. uan members.epfoservices.in. look right upper navigation click on login. if you have already activated uan number. Otherwise, you can go for UAN Activation,
  • Enter your pf number & mobile to check uan number status, if allocated 90% pf members are allotted with uan members. then you can go for activation.
  • select one id proof document & enter numbers.
  • enter your mobile number and click authorize to get a message code Alias OTP or PIN. enter the OTP.
  • check all the details which furnished uan epfo login portal. the click on confirm.
  • Success! within 7 days you are able to login Epf uan portal to further facilitates.  know more about uan check out uan portal login, or epf login portal.

EPF UAN Register/login without employer

you can register with uan portal without furnishing the employer details, this facility available for all citizens.If you are looking for UAN Members portal Then just look at UAN Portal Login.EPFO UAN Members Login Portal link can available at our UAn Login portal page above. make sure to check the uan login option on this epfo portal.

UAN Employers epfo login Portal   https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/.

List epfo portals: Unified uan, uan members, member claims portal Aka OTCP portal, epfo employer portal now it unified for both employees and employers.

How to Check epf balance with epfo login?

first of all, all epfo members requested to registered at epfo or uan unified portal before they trying to login.

every citizen of India can register login to epfo unified portals, but only the employees have pf account with the current employer can available epfo login services like epf member balance. once the member registered and login successfully to epfo portal. then on the epfo portal main navigation dashboard section.  click on view /download epf statement. then open epf passbook to view the pf balance details.  there are other ways check pf balance go to the homepage and click pf statement. uan Passbook available from uan login portal.

Epfo login to check pf claim status?

we can check pf claim status and pf transfer request status without login to epfo portal. but it required pf number. if you don’t have the epf number. then go to epfo login portals unified portal for uan services and traditional epf India gov in the website. members have to enter the claim id or number to track the claim status. if uan number is there you can track all available claims made by you with all the pf accounts linked with uan number.

to know all the pf claims made to the pf account by the employer. then pf number. remember; epf number changes when changed the organization because it contains employer establishment code.

3+ ways to check pf claim status uan portal,  epfo login portal, and epf India gov in services without login by pf number.

Update correct member details with epfo login

For changing epfo member name and date of birth. contacting epfo office and requesting to the employer is necessary. however, some minor changes also available withing uan helpdesk portal. resetting uan password without the  mobile number. changing parent and father details etc.

  1. now visit the epfo unified portal also called as uan portal,
  2. login with uan number and password if not activated uan login then know your uan number uan status option,
  3. Registered with uan portal by activating uan number. then set password login to epfo login portal which unified for employers and employees.
  4. after the member successfully logged into the epfo unified portal.
  5. click on account settings update KYC option. change Address and other etc.

Advantages of epfo login

  1. Check epf balance
  2. online claim transfer for pf withdrawal.
  3. Pf transfer to another account.
  4. check epfo claim status
  5. Some other benefits unified portal login
  6. uan activation status
  7. unified portal uan registration
  8. uan helpdesk login  etc


If you want to login uan member portal or epfo unified member portal for passbook download and other services just go this page and end of the URL click on login uan portal login.

  1. Visit epfindia.gov.in and click on employess serives.
  2. Then select the serivice whichone want to avilable like uan login, pf claim status, inoperative account login. also one man one pf account login pf transfer from OTCP Portal.
  3. for epf bal;ance and uan passbook members have to select the uan member portal or uan services.
  4. but we memebers can directly login to the epfo uan login portal our home page uan login. all you have to do is just read the article carefully until end and then click uan login portal inordered to check pf balance and uan pasbook etc.