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How to check EPFO claim status through the online

Check epfo claim status by by EPF Number on pf member portal or uan portal. Now epfo members can check their claim status from various regional offices like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata etc.Employee provident fund is an extremely vital tool for retirement planning. The tax-free interest, as well as the maturity, ensures a very good development of your money. Whether continued for a very long term, it can aid immensely in meeting one’s retirement goal. However, while satisfying other goals or during emergencies. They are falling in very short of funds even once taking all recourse as well as do force borrowing.

At this time, it can be very useful as well as helpful due to certain aspects as well as benefits to provide that most of us are aware of this. It is essential for the salaried person in working places that are registered under an EPF. It is a very good saving tool in this world. The aspects, as well as other essential key points to bear in mind about EPF, are shared as given below.  Additionally, the interest which is the contributions earn is totally tax-free. It is also received on retirement is not taxed either.  So, if you want to check your EPFO claim status from the online. You have to follow those simple as well as easy steps then you can check on it.

Steps to check epfo claim status:

  • First of all, you have to visit this official website (
  • You can click on this link and follow the option of click here for know your PF claim status at this website page.
  • You can select the state as well as give a click on search your code number like depicts below it.
  • Whether you understand the region of your epf for office as well and you can pick the last choice of the code number.
  • Choose the region of your EPFO from the drop down.
  • If you are epf account number do not have any other extension code and just simply leave the field of an extension code blank.
  • You can fill up the region code as well as office code.
  • You can enter establishment code as well as code extension in the based fields.
  • Enter your provident fund account number
  • After completing the check process, you can click submit it.

epfo claim status

Hence, these are the simple as well as easy steps that will help to check the status from the online. So, if you want to check your status then you can follow those above steps. You can easily to check the EPFO claim status.

EPFO Claim Status Codes & Messages

1.epf claim status shows payment under process

we can easily understand the above statement so payment is under process at banks so you can get money within 2-3 days by NEFT Transfer.

2.claim form 19 for pf settlement has been approved. payment is under process

3.claim form 10c for withdrawal benefit has been approved payment is under process Check

PF claim Status Rejected Messages

Possible Reasons: FORM 10C Rejected service should be above 19.5 years so we have to enter 20 instead of 19 years. 10C can be used withdrawal money from EPS Pension scheme.

ee & er amount in epf claim status

EE Amount means Employee Contribution of PF (8.3%).

ER Amount: Employer contributions to PF(3.67%).

EPS pension scheme, EPF (provident fund) monthly contribution.

how to calculate pf withdrawal amount?

EE + ER= EPF Amount+ Interest rate 8.5% = pf

PF claim status here

EPFO Claim status online Benefits

with employee provident fund organization’s online OTCP portal and UAn member portal,  Epfo members can track pf claim status online at the epfo portal and uan members portal too.

Generally, employees visit pf office for tracking epfo claim status or pf withdrawal status. but now we can track pf transfer status and withdrawal status online very easy with pf number or uan number.

we can track epfo claim status two ways

The Best way to track claim through epf number.

2nd way to track claim status through Claim ID.

Pf transfer & withdrawal status

All the Pf transfer and withdrawal requests are members under epfo claims, which can be made at OTCP portal. Online claim transfer portal member the eligibility and follow the rules initiate transfer and withdrawal request, note down the claim id for the future reference like to check claim status until claim settled by epfo and uan employer portal.

Faqs on epfo claim status

  • why Epf withdrawal not received to bank account till now as many days gone?

Please check your bank details on uan portal, kindly submit /update latest bank details.

  • Pf withdrawal forms sent to the pf office but not received still now why?

there may be a delay with online pf claim process. also, you can check the epfo claim status on epfo claims portal. then understand the status message.

How to check epfo claim Status by UAN Number?

At present epfo claim status checking option available epfo member portal which or But you can get details on UAN login portal too.

Let have a look on uan services, You can send the message with UAn number and member id to UAN toll-free number.

You can check epfo claim status on the mobile app, just download the app, enter your pf or uan number to track pf transfer or withdrawal claim status.

  1. check epf balance.

  2. pf transfer & withdrawal.

  3. uan activation.

  4. uan activation status.

  5. epfo login portal.

  6. uan portal login.

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