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epf balance check by uan epf passbook enquiry

EPF Balance Check -How To Your EPF And Statements Checking:

The Process for  Checking epf balance now made very simple with uan. you can check the balance in your EPF account at any time and anywhere without filling any form and visiting the office of EPF. You can check EPF balance within a few minutes either by the way of SMS or by giving a missed call, using the EPFO app or through the EPFO portal.

EPF is an integral source of employee’s savings. Timely to know the information regarding one’s EPF balance is help plan for their major expenses which they can meet either by withdrawing or by a loan against EPF Balance

Following ways to check the EPF account balance:

  1. a. Using the EPF portal.
  2. b.By sending an SMS.
  3. c.By giving a missed call.d.By using the EPFO app.

a.with EPFO’s UAN Portal:

Employees needs to check EPF balance,they can activated with UAN is universal account number and it is unique for all employees enrolled under the EPF scheme.The EPFO organisation provides UAN number.All the employees needs to have only one UAN number through out their working life and any number of companies they can changed.

download epf passbook here.

b.EPF Balance By SMS:

To Know the EPF balance through an SMS, a condition is that your UAN number is integrated with your KYC details such as Aadhaar or PAN,Bank Account.if your unable to do this,you can take help of your employer to do this.

step1.An SMS send to Mobile Number  7738299399.

Employees  needs to send the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG. First three characters ‘ ENG ‘represent the preffered language.So if you want receive the message in Hindi you can type EPFOHO UAN HIN. This facilities avilable in English, Hindi, Marathi,Tamil,Telugu,Gujarat, punjabi, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam.

c.EPF Balance By Missed Call:

 you can check the EPF balance by giving missed call provided again.

  1. Your UAN  number is integrated with your KYC details such as Bank account, Aadhaar or PAN.

.Give a miss call to 011-22901406, from your registerd mobile number.

receive a SMS about epf balance.

d.EPF Balance checking EPFO Umang App:

If you need to check the EPF balance, make sure that your UAN number has already acivated by the employer.

Google playstore provides the app for checking EPF balance on mobile.The app is ‘m sewa app of epfo

step1.once the app is download you need to click on ‘member ‘and then on Passbook/balance.

step2.Enter your UAN and registerd mobile number.the system wiifi verify the mobile number against your UAN will through an error if doesnot match.And if gets matched, you can view updated EPF balance details.


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