UAN Activation UAN Registration at unified portal employees & employer

epfo launched uan activation policy by the employer. with every new epfo members. generally, UAN number allocated employee provident fund India EPFO and activated employer. we will show how exactly UAN Activation by the employer, UAN Activation UAN Members portal by the employee.


UAN Activation How to Do it on uan Portal?


Every employee doesn’t need to Activate UAN Number. because it’s the employer entity to activate UAN Number. Handover to you along with The PF Number. Generally, you could find your PF Number on the payslip maybe with UAN Number.

You may wonder! because of the Member id. How to get Member id for UAn activation?

Member id is nothing but your pf number. epfo allocates every member with the unique id, that’s called pf number in general terms but refers Member id by epfo. Member id Required for UAN Activation.

EPFO Refunding admin charges to employers for UAN activation.


UAN Activation by employer

Epfo employers can log on to uan employer portal, Now epfo renamed it’s as epfo unified portal. To Activate UAN Number for their employees. employers also make payment to epfo at ECR 2.0 Portal.

For activating UAN Number by the employer.


Employer can activate Multiple UAN Numbers at a time,

Prerequisites for uan activation by employer

  1. The Employer should have access epfo employer portal with valid credentials.
  2. EPFO Employer e sewa portal >> UAN >> Create UAN multiple logins.
  3. Valid Mobile number of employees.
  4. Name of UAN member.
  5. Member id or PF Account number,
  6. UAN Number of the employee.

You can also check whether UAN number activated or not with UAN Portal login access or not.

Employers can check the video tutorial on youtube.

EPFO UAN Activation by Employees


Employers are lazy to activate the UAN number for all of its employees. but employees are eager to check epfo balance and remaining activities like Pf transfer or withdrawal. i bet 90% of the UAN activations done by employees only.

  1. for activating UAN Number directly on UAN Portal.
  2. employees have to visit the UAn member portal.
  3. click on UAN Activate UAN,
  4. Furnish the PF Account Number & UAN Number also member mobile number, name, DOB etc
  5. Click on Authorize to confirm,m your mobile number.
  6. On the Next page set password for UAN Activation.
  7. The final step login to UAN portal with New UAN number and password.

UAN Portal facilitates download UAn passbook for checking the epfo balance.


UAN Activation Status by member id


Once you have activated UAN Number online Then you can login to Portal immediately. But Epfo Allocates UAN Number to PF Accounts. and Employer search for UAN Number for their employees. Then they attach to the employee member id.

If your UAN Number not handed by Employer, then You could always check it on UAN Portal.

there is an option for checking UAN status. Click on that page enter your PF  number or member id,  IF UAN is already activated then you have to enter the Mobile number to get UAN number details to you mobile number.

uan activation

UAN Activation benefits:

  1. Activating UAN Number Now mandatory for available general facilities by epfo.
  2.  You can check epf balance by without PF Number by UAn activation.
  3. Update Address pan aadhaar without submitting to the employer on uan portal.
  4. PF transfer withdrawal without any hassle online process.
  5. No employer involvement etc.
  6. you could be a member of epfo without employment.


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