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Welcome to EPFO login Portal, Employee provident fund is an important tool for retirement planning. It is a tax-free and maturity ensures a good growth of your money when you are being a member of EPFO. If you contribute for the long term, then you can meet your retirement goal easily. Apart from that, you can also fill another kind of goals during emergencies. If you have an account on the EPFO then you want to check balance by using by the simple and effective way.

EPFo login balance is the amount in your account. it consists of the amount deducted every month in your salary and plus the amount that is contributed to account by the employer. Checking your balance status can indicate the current status of the account. Through this process, you can easily know your balance and plan to anything according to the balance.

EPFO Login Portal Features

with epfo login portal you can check pf balance, provident fund claim status, uan status and activate UAN online along with PF transfer to bank account and old pf account to new epf account.

Also, check Epf login /registration process.

How to do epfo login /register?

Visit epfoservices.in or epfoindia.com website then click employee login and then select the ID proof document enter ID card number (pan, Uid etc.) then you can get members services as mentioned below.

  • Epfo Login for Members  http://members.epfoservices.in/
  • Epfo login for Employees for online payment etc  http://esewa.epfoservices.in/
  • EPF employers & verifies login for Claim process https://employerclaims.epfoservices.in/
  • EPfo UAN Login for UAN Members for more facilities: http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/

You can login with your PF Number to check pf balance, and claim status. however, you can login with UAN Number and password if your UAN allocated by EPFO portal and activated it online.

Why epf holders login to epfo website?

EPf Esewa dedicated for employees for online payment through SBI Epf channel only, however, you can also pay epf payment for employees with ICICI and HDFC Axis bank other banks too.


 check EPF balance by epfo login uan:

There are many ways are available to check your EPF balance rightly. From a list of methods, you want to choose the best one. Different types of methods such as

  • EPF balance through online
  • EPF balance via UAN
  • you can also Check EPF balance through the mobile application
  • know EPF balance through missed call or SMS

These are the important ways used to check the EFP balance by a wide range of people. However, people those who like to check their EPF balance they want to use one of the methods from above-mentioned methods.

Check EPF balance by epfo login:

There are many people prefer online method is the best way to check the EPFo login balance easily and effectively. With a facility of online, you can easily find your balance easily. Apart from that, people can also use this method for checking the balance frequently.  With the help of the internet, people can easily know the balance within few minutes. The following step by step process will help people to check the balance easily without any hassle through online.

epf balance @ epfo login members portal -I

EPFO login for balance check

The first step towards checking the balance is to keep your account number handy or keep remember your account number. The number is the most important with respect to communication regarding your EPF account.

  •  People those who like to check the balance first they way to open the official website, http://www.epfindia.com
  • : On that page, you want to click on know your EPF balance at the bottom of that page.
  •  Select the state of EPF office in which account is maintained.
  • after that people want to select the city of the offices pertaining to the state will be listed.

epf balance @ epfo login members portal -II

  •  The new page will be opened after the selection of state and city. On that page, you want to fill your account number, name, and your mobile number. Normally the EPF number would in the common format like TN/MAS/0000000/000/0000111. In the format, the number also includes a state code, city code and much more.  The first 2 digit is the code for the region and next 3 alphabets are a code of PF office.  The code number is varying according to your regional PF office.
  •  Finally, click the submit button after filling all the required details on that page. Within few seconds you can receive SMS on the mobile number that you have filled in the form.
  • The SMS contains the information about the EPFo login balance and how much amount will be there in your account. This is a way to check your EPF easily.

The Importance of EPFo login UAN:

a  universal account number is a number specially allotted to EPFO member employees. It is one of a unique identity for all members those who are currently being a member of EPFO Login Portal. The employer wants to submit the required documents for getting UAN number. If you are not getting UAN number, you need to check the status of UAN yourself.  For checking the UAN status of EPF you want to open the official website of the EPFO that is the proper way to check the status easily.

Step by step process to check UAN status of EPFo login:

Online provides a special facility for people those who like to check the status of UAN.  Employees can check through official web portal. Before checking the status keep ready your 22 digit EPF id with you. The following steps are useful for people to check the UAN status easily.

  •  Employee those who like to check the status of the UAN number they want to visit the official website of the EPFO http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php
  •  People want to select the state and EPFO region or office from the drop down menu list includes an all state and office name of EPFO. In that list, you want to select your state and city of EPFO login office.
  •  After the process of selection, the first 2 boxes of PF account already and automatically get filled in. now, the employee wants to enter extension code, unique PF account number, and establishment code. If does not have extension code just skip it or leave it blank.
  •  Click on the check status, within few minutes you can get messages whether UAN number is allotted or not.

Epf UAN login activation Part II

  •  The message will be received in the form of “your UAN number” is allotted for member id< your UAN number. Will be here>. Please provide the mentioned details for just verification.  You can receive a message like this.
  •  After receiving the details you want to provide required details on that page to get the number.  The details you want to provide the name, date of birth, password, and mobile number, confirm password and then enter the captcha code.
  •  After filling the details just click on “get pin” tab.  You can receive pin number on your mobile. Employee wants to enter the pin number in the pin field.
  •  This is the form of submitting the request for UAN and will be generated in next seven days. you will receive by SMS once it will be generated.

These are the proper steps helpful to check your UAN status. When you follow the step by step process then you can feel more convenient and happy.  Therefore, this is the right way to check the status of UAN of EPF.


EPF Uan Login @UAN members portal

You have kept epf uan number before proceeding to login to uan portal. as well as now Epfo members portal ditched by uan login portal. because the benefits by uan portal.

UAN Member benefits: they can download UAN card & UAN passbook, Aadhaar update, KYC Change of Address, Claim transfer, PAN update etc.


UAN Login & Activation process summary

In Order to login into uan member portal (http://www.Uanmembers.epfoservices.in), you need to have uan number, this uan already allotted by epfo India. you can check it either allocated or not. if not you can raise a uan generation request with epf India.

  1. First of all check UAN status @ UAN members portal.
  2. visit uan portal and enter your pf number and registered mobile number along with name & Date of birth.
  3. If you got a message like “ congratulations your UAN number allocated with this pf Number“.
  4. if you get this message “ No UAN number Found with this PF Account. mostly before 1980 pf accounts not allotted uan number. Then you can raise a UAN generation ticket.

This tutorial already mentoned above read carefully & comment below.

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